Top 10 Cute Dog Names For Boys

Your dog is probably smaller than you, and as we all know, small dogs get cute dog names. Of course, some dogs are just gigantic, and you may not be all that big yourself, but if your dog is bigger than you are, you may want to give it a larger name.

Just a thought.

cute dog names

But if you think your little doggie is just most precious little thing, and you could eat him up with a spoon, then a cute name is probably for you. So without further ado, here are the Top 10 Cute Dog Names for your sweet little babies!

 # 1. Buddy

Always friendly, always by your side, Buddy will always be your number one bud! Even if he drools a little or bites things he shouldn’t he still loves you oh-so-much! And the little “-dy” at the of his name there makes him diminutive and absolutely adorable! Where Buddy’s name came from is obvious, and it symbolizes everlasting friendship with his favorite human.

#2. Fuzzball

Well I bet you can guess what sort of dogs get this name, too? They may shed enough to craft a small yert, but before you can really get mad at them, their cute dog name gets in the way. With its images of soft cotton beds, pillows, and blankets, it’s very difficult to shout “Fuzzball” in an angry tone of voice.

#3. Banjo

While it doesn’t have that same fluffy ring to it as Fuzzball, Banjo has its own brand of cute. If you name your dog Banjo, then sometimes when you look at your little darling you will see her with a teeny doggie straw hat, a pair of overalls, and a banjo, just sitting on a porch and strumming away. Adorable!

#4. Kermit

Yes, like the frog. In fact, the frog is largely the reason why Kermit is such a cute dog name — because of all the darling expressions that fuzzy puppet makes. If you’re not familiar with Kermit, or it’s been awhile, you may want to watch a Muppet Show or any Muppet movie before you decide to go ahead with this name.

Here are the authors personal favorite cute dog names

#5. Buppy

I actually have no idea where this one came from. It is definitely an odd one if you say it on its own, but if you say it thinking of a dog, it becomes an adorably cute dog name! There’s something in saying the “b” and “p” sounds together that reminds us of babies. Babies: the ultimate cute machines.

#6. Charlie

This is such a good, old-fashioned, American name. So earnest, so honest, so hard-working and holding ever true. This is becoming less popular (no political commentary intended), but when you hold Charlie, you get to feel someone who has that earnestness, that honestness, plus a cute dog name!

#7. Cuddles

Since this actually is a dog name, it does have to go on the list. The very act of cuddling is, in itself, cute, and any dog named after it… Well, I guess the dog doesn’t have to be cute, but it’s a cute name! If you do give this name to your dog, I suggest you give it plenty of cuddling practice.

#8. Buxley

Buxley is the type of dog whom I would ask to “fetch the grey poupon.” The sort of dog who would walk into a formal ball with a tuxedo, cane, and top hat saying “pip, pip, cheerio!” The point is all of these things are adorable, and that’s what we think of whenever we heard the name Buxley.

 #9. Chunk

This cute dog name draws up the feelings of a big, muscly guy being caught in a doting mother’s hug. Maybe he’s not too bright, either. Definitely muscley, though. Why is this so cute? Every time you call Chunk’s name, you’ll feel yourself giving off the love of a mother or father.

And last but not least…

#10. Butters

Adorable! Just try picturing even a person named Butters doing anything! It’s hard to take anyone or anything named “Butters” very seriously (note: if you’re named Butters, I’m very sorry, and I hope I haven’t offended too much). But taking something seriously is the opposite of cute, so Butters tops the list of cute dog names!

So there you go. If you needed cute name, now you have it! So while you’re contemplating… Enjoy! Let us know if you think of any other cute dog names!

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