The perfect male dog names inspired by personality, history and mythology

Are you searching for the perfect male dog name that suits your pet? Picking the best name can be difficult at times. Coming up with a suitable boy dog name is one of the harder parts of owning a pet. The names can be ironic, silly, evocative or serious, but remember the name you decide for your dog should be a nickname you feel comfortable yelling when at a public park or filling on veterinary or pet insurance forms. The name doesn’t not only matter to the dog, but a perfect name earns you respect from other dog owners.

Dog names male

If you find it hard to christen your male dog, you can use dog’s personality traits, for example:

  • Smart male dog names include Napoleon, Bookie, Gunner, Tucker or Brainie.
  • Not so smart dog names male include Duke, Dizzy, Dipstick, Barney or Hammerhead.
  • Funny male dog names such as Scooby, Mickey, Phantom, Freddie or Amos.
  • Big male dog names include Big Daddy, Diesel, Daddy, Boris, Biggie, Axel or Godzilla.
  • Small male dog names such as Spider, Hotdog, Skinny, Bones, Tinny or Whisper.
  • Playful male dog names include Dancer, Gunner, Naughty, Trouble or Pounce.
  • Cute male dog names such as Foxy, Prince, Roxy, Doughboy, Lexi or Willow.
  • Aggressive male dog names include Martial, Rocky, Quarrel, Sniper, Warrior or Thunder.
  • Strong male dog names such as Rocky, Tyson, Apollo, Mighty, Popeye or Champ.
  • Fast male dog names include Jackal, Flash, Arrow, Cobra, Speedo, Batman or Hurricane.
  • Talkative male dog such as Echo, Bow wow, Barkie, Rufus, Screamer, Shriek, Murmur or Gabriel.
  • Independent male dog names include Lincoln, Moses, Pirate, Free, Sovereign or Ranger.

Some boy dog names can be inspired by history, which requires you to think of some historical figures. The names are underused, recognizable or regal, including Einstein, Abraham, Jefferson, Washington, Caesar, Nero, Copernicus and many more.

Other male dog names are inspired by mythology, which are perfect for literary fans. These names include Echo, Apollo, Griffin, Zeus, Beowulf and Sirius. If you are a geek at heart, you can pick geeky male dog nicknames inspired by comics, technology, nerd pastimes and video games. Some of geeky boy dog names include Sheldon, Atari, Java, Frodo, Gismo and Beta.

 Tips on how to teach your dog its name

Once you pick and settle on a name, the next option is to make your dog learn its nickname. Teaching a dog is not a difficult task because dogs are usually very trainable. Make your dog understand its name by following tips below;

  • Say your dog’s name often

When you pick the nick name keep saying it over and over again so that the dog can be familiar with the sound of the name. Call your dog’s name when playing or holding your dog. This will assist the male dog to understand the name easily and fast

  • Reward your dog

Every time you call your dog and responds, reward him with a bone, dog food or a slice of cheese. Do this now and then to make the dog understand its name. Feeding your dog is a positive reinforcement to make the dog get its name.

  • Don’t get mad at your dog

In case your dog has done something bad, try hard not to yell the dog’s name. Shouting makes your dog feel scared and it will be hesitant responding to its nickname. They have a sharp sense of hearing and recognize tones easily. The best way to avoid anger is to remain consistent and even.

  • No nickname the first day

It is fun getting a name for your male dog, but not on the first day you get one. The best and first thing is to take your dog home, then continue calling the current name to avoid confusion. Later you can incorporate the new nickname and makes sure you reward it every time it responds to the new name. Repeat this daily until the dog can now recognize and understand the new name.

Picking and training a pet to its male dog names should be a daily task to help it recognize the nickname fast and avoid confusion.

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