Some Irresistibly Awesome Dog Names


There is absolutely something to be said for originality in awesome dog names. So if you want to give your dog a truly awesome name then you should try to find new and unique ones that will stand out in a crowd. When giving your new puppy his name you want to be creative yet give him a suitable name that won’t sound odd or strange.


That you need to do in order to find a name that is truly distinct is to venture outside the box. Make an attempt to derive your dog’s name from your own creativity rather than going through the same old, same old names and hoping that one will jump out at you.


awesome dog names Your pup deserves a name that is all his own. A name that suits his personality or accurately sums up his quirky ways, his breed, his size, or some other interesting characteristic.


Here are some names to get you started with your search for awesome dog names:


Abraxis: This name belonged to an angel in medieval Jewish angelologies.


Aloysius: Means Louis in Latin.


Anankn: Did you forget Anankin Skywalker a.k.a. Darth Vader?


Arapho: Native American tribe.


Bacaru: Bacaru Beagle of The Beagle Boys.


Baltazar: Romeo’s manservant in Romeo and Juliet.


Barkhimer: Bob “Barky” Barkhimer, Nascar pioneer.


Brayden: Celtic / Gaelic name meaning “brave”.


Gaius: Name of prominent Roman family including Julius Ceasar.


Lakota: Native American word which means “friend”.


Nanook: Native American word which means “bear”.


Amadeus: German composer Wolfgang Amedeus Mozart


Armand: For the sleek and sophisticated.


Bentley: Class all the way!


Adam Ant: Perfect name for a little dog.


Bonsai: For your little guy.


Houdini: For your canine escape artist.


Admiral: Commander of the fleet.


Apollo: Greek God of the Sun.


Atlas: Mythical giant who held up the world on his shoulders.


Caesar: Emperor of Rome.


Duke: Senior royal rank.


Thor: Norse god of thunder.


Zeus: Greek king of the gods.


Zoltan: Grand Prince of the Magyars.


Achak: Native American (Algonquin) “spirit”.


Chayton: Native American (Sioux) “falcon”.


Chogan: Native American (Algonquin) “blackbird”


Aka: Hawaiian “shadow”.


How many awesome dog names do you need?


Kana: Hawaiian — Maui demigod.


Adolphus: Latin — noble wolf.


Amstel: Dutch — name of a river.


Casey: Celtic/Gaelic — vigilant in war.


Fergus: Celtic/Gaelic — man of strength. Ideal for a big dog with a lot of personality.


Gasper/Gaspar: A treasure. Also one of the three kings, or Magi, who visited Christ at His birth.


Remington: The famous rifle.


Taz: Tazmanian Devil.


Zephyr: Greek God of the west wind.


Baron: Low ranking British nobleman.


Rolf: Germanic for famous wolf. Good one syllable dog name.


Saxon: German for Sharp Blade or Sword.


Zack: Hebrew for The Lord Remembers. Good one syllable dog name.


Zak: Hebrew for Pure. Good one syllable dog name.


What if you’ve done everything right; took your time, came up with a short name, let your whole family participate in the naming process, allowed your dog to voice his opinion, named your pup and got him to answer to it, only to decide down the road that you really don’t like the name as much as you thought you did? Are you stuck? The answer is no. While it may take some time and definitely some patience, you can rename your dog. It’s not impossible just try it and see. But doing this more than once is not recommended, because then you begin to seriously confuse the dog, and you don’t want to do that.


One other thing. Don’t expect the search for your new furry friend’s name to be over and done within an hour or two. Naming your dog is a process that could go on for days, even weeks, especially if your family members all get involved, as they should be, and everyone starts throwing their own ideas around. It’s a big decision that should be taken seriously and not rushed into to find that truly awesome dog name. .


Above all there’s two things to remember when you are naming your new pup. The first is to respect your dog. Just because you may have a warped sense of humor there’s no reason to make a fool out of your dog. And yes he most certainly will know if people are mocking him. Would you like to spend your life under a name that makes people respond to you like you are an idiot? Think about it.


Also, when it comes to naming your dog, make the experience fun. Sure there’s some work involved, but that doesn’t mean you can have fun as well. You and your whole family should have plenty of laughs and enjoy the activity, even though you need to also take it seriously. Make it a pleasant experience rather than a stressful one. Something that you can all look back on with pleasure, and know that you weren’t stressed out and neither was your dog. They can pick up on that feeling of tension in the air instantly. If you remember the above two things, respecting your dog and having fun while you’re naming him, you should be able to choose an awesome dog name for the newest member of the family.

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