Popular Dog Names

Suggestions for Choosing Popular Boy Dog Names

Interested in learning some popular boy dog names you can try out on that new puppy you just got? Well, that’s just going to be great fun, but first here are several tips that will make naming your dog not only go more smoothly, but help you to be absolutely certain that your new puppy ends up with the best name for his looks and personality.

Naming Your New Boy Puppy; Popular Boy Dog Names

When you are sifting through your list of popular boy puppy names it would behoove you to keep in mind that it’s been calculated that your furry friend will be called by whatever name you christen him with somewhere around 30,000 times during his lifetime. So if the name you decide upon is inappropriate in some way, or reminds you of a not so favorite relative, then perhaps you’d better reconsider.

Popular Dog Names

It’s also been determined that 1 out of every 5 puppy owners gets the urge to change their puppy’s name in the first year of its life. That’s not good for you or the puppy, and if you have small children it can be doubly confusing. However, if you pay attention to these common sense dog naming suggestions from the start, you can keep from making some of the most obvious mistakes, and your best friend won’t have to worry about learning a new name after he’s just mastered the original one.

1. Avoid Embarrassing Names — Don’t get caught up in a sense of fun and give your new puppy a possibly embarrassing name. “Dopey” might seem ideal for your basset hound at first, but it can wear out quickly with repetition. Plus, consider what that says to other people about your pet.

2. Keep it Short — Try and keep your dog’s name down to one or two syllables. Even if it’s one of the more popular boy puppy names, if it’s too long your pet might find it too confusing. Dogs will learn a short name faster, and it will be easier to say when you are training your pet.

3. Use Caution When Naming Your Pet After People — Yes this is a popular trend, and while most people don’t mind having a canine namesake, if you name your dog after a friend or family member, don’t be surprised if they take umbrage.

4. Choose According to Appearance or Personality — Instead of trying to think of popular boy dog names, a really great and simple idea is to opt for a name that sums up your pet’s personality or the way he looks. If you want to pick a name that’s the opposite of your dog’s personality as a kind of joke, that’s fine too, only be sure you won’t hurt his feelings. Yes, they know when they are being made fun of .

5. Don’t Follow Trends — As you know, all trends eventually come to an end and then you’ll end up with your dog’s name sounding dated and even foolish.

6. Don’t Change an Older Dog’s Name — If you’ve chosen to adopt an older dog, you’d be wise to keep its current name. Changing it at this stage of the game will only cause the poor dog to become confused.

7. Ask Your Dog — That’s right. First cut down your list to just a handful of names you like the best, then try calling your pet by them. Think your dog doesn’t care what you name it? Well think again. You’ll be astonished by your dog’s reaction. Some names it will respond to as if it’s always been called just that from birth, and others it won’t bat an eye at. Try this. It really works.

8. Have Fun — Don’t turn naming your dog into a chore by trying to select the absolutely most perfect name in the universe. It doesn’t exist, and you’ll only ruin the fun for yourself and your family. Take your time, think it over and you’ll soon come up with the right name for your dog. It might be something you never expected to call him in a million years, or something so obvious you laugh at your own blindness, but it will suit your dog and you just fine, maybe without having to be one of those popular boy dog names.


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