Picking Perfectly Divine Puppy Names for Boys

Choosing puppy names for boys is very different than doing so for girls. But in either case, it will be a key part of your little friend’s development! You certainly don’t want to get it wrong. And what way to better ensure that your cute little boy has a name that is time-tested, and will endure for aeons, than to choose the name of a god? There are a lot of different pantheons you can choose from. Let me introduce you to a few.


The Greek Gods — Our First Stop in Finding Puppy Names for Boys


Of course, the first things that comes to mind for most of us when we think of god names are the gods of the Greeks (and, by extension, the Romans, who mostly just took the Greek gods and renamed them). We learned these at school, and we’ve heard their myths. So maybe some of these will sound familiar to you.

puppy names for boys

  • Zeus — father of the gods, lord of lightning
  • Apollo — god of light, culture, and prophecy
  • Helios — god of the sun
  • Hermes — the messenger god
  • Dionysus — god of wine
  • Hephaestus — god of fire and smithery. Although his legs were broken, he was nonetheless married for a time to Aphrodite.
  • Ares — the god of war
  • Poseidon — god of the sea, earthquakes, and of storms
  • Hades — lord of the underworld


Starting to get some good ideas about puppy names for boys? Wait just a little longer — there’s more!


The Norse Gods


Far to the north of Greece, miles and miles and miles, the land was cold and life was hard. In this climate, a strong people rose up — the Vikings! And they created a pantheon of formidable gods. See if any of them will help you find a puppy name for any boys you may have.


  • Odin — the all-father, Odin is the god of death and war, but also of poetry and wisdom
  • Balder — god of light, joy, purity, beauty, innocence, and reconciliation, who was killed by a trick played by Loki
  • Thor — god of thunder, Thor has a magical hammer which returns to him when thrown
  • Tyr — in addition to being the patron of justice, Tyr inspires acts of heroism in battle


Still have seen any puppy names for your boys that you like? What about this next set?


The Egyptian Gods


While the Vikings were battling snow and ice, the Egyptians were trying to deal with a parched desert and powerful sun. They also had a number of gods in their pantheon, many of whom changed and merged over their thousands of years of existence. Why don’t we see if there’s something for you in here.


  • Amun — a very powerful man with a ram head, Amun was king of the gods
  • Anubis — Anubis had a jackal head, and was the god of embalming and the dead
  • Horus — was the god of the sky, was the protector and ruler of all of Egypt, and had a hawk head
  • Osiris — appearing as a mummified man, Osiris was god of the dead and ruler of the Underworld
  • Ra — Ra had a hawk head and wore a red circle — a sun disc — upon it. He was the sun god, and the most important of the Ancient Egyptian gods


These should give you a bunch of new ideas for puppy names for boys. If you’re looking for girls, too, you can just Google “Egyptian Gods,” and get what you need.


The Shinto/Japanese Gods


We’ve done Greece, a centerpiece of Western culture, we’ve done the vikings in the far north, and the Egyptains way down south. Perhaps it’s time we turned our attention to the east, and look at some of the Shinto and Japanese gods.


  • Fujin – the god of the wind
  • Hachiman – god of war and divine protector of Japan; special animal is a dove
  • Izanagi – the forefather of the gods
  • Omoikane – the god of wisdom and intelligence
  • Raijin/Raiden – god of thunder and lightning
  • Ryujin – dragon god of the sea
  • Suijin – the god of water
  • Tenjin – the god of scholarship
  • Susano-no-Mikoto – god of storms
  • Tsukiyomi-no-Mikoto – god of the moon


With an exotic flavor, these names have the benefit of being unusual, as well! You could end up with a name that’s a real conversation starter.


Voila! Puppy names for boys! There are many ways to choose your puppy’s name, but you can always fall back on these names, that have stood the test of ages, and whose bearers are (in small numbers) still worshipped today! What do you think? Do any of these make your list of puppy names for boys?

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