Funny Dog Names For That Pup

So you brought your new puppy home and now you discover that the name you planned on giving him all along doesn’t really fit because he has a personality all his own — in fact it seems like he’s a born entertainer, and you find yourself having to come up with a funny dog name that sums up his personality. Sure, you realize that your new pup won’t be able to comprehend the real meaning of his name, or be in on the joke like your human friends will, but what the heck, it’ll still be good for a laugh or two.

Over the centuries the relationship between man and dog has developed into a partnership based on mutual dependency and affection. People need their dogs to protect them from harm, comfort them during hard times, relieve stress, and even to improve their health, plus they love them unconditionally and that love is returned many fold. In turn, dogs need people to take care of them, lavish them with affection, and make their lives rewarding.

Funny Dog Names

Thus it is that a growing number of people opt to give their dogs human names to more accurately show the bond of love and loyalty that connects them with their pets. It’s also a way of declaring that the pet is a member of the family, considered on a par with any human. Don’t try telling these pet owners anything different because you’ll only infuriate them. To them their dog is human, and when you look into those soulful dark eyes can you really deny it?

 Inspiration For Funny Dog Names

If you are a gregarious type of person with a good sense of humor, you should have no trouble coming up with a funny boy dog name for your male pup that will be a great match for him. It also helps that various breeds of dogs feature certain characteristics in their appearance and personalities that can supply the brainstorm their owners need to come up with funny dog names for them. Keep in mind in case you get an attack of guilt that selecting a funny name for your dog is not a form of doggy character assassination. You’re not putting him down, just displaying your own sense of humor and creativeness, and giving other people a good laugh.

If you want to pick a funny dog name, but lack the inspiration yourself to come up with one, don’t fret, there are plenty of lists of funny names for your dog regardless of his breed or size. Just start at our A_Z of dog names and you’ll come up with more than you can handle. The choices out there are voluminous and you won’t be able to commit all of your favorites to memory, so it’s a good idea to write them down in a notebook so that you can refer to it later.

These type of dog names are inspired by many, many topics such as quirky people you may know, movies, celebrities you especially like, and yes, even food. Just be careful when looking for funny boy dog names that you choose a name that both you and your dog like. Practice saying the name mentally again and again to make sure it’s one you’re comfortable with. Once your dog learns his name, it’s very difficult to teach him to answer to a new one because this confuses him and puts him out of sorts. It can be done, but it’s a lot of trouble and aggravation on both sides.

Naturally if you are going to name your dog something funny there are going to be people who don’t approve. Who believe that dogs should be given traditional names like “Buddy” or “Barney”, not “Prozac” or “Meatball”, but these people don’t make up the majority. Most people will think a funny name for your dog is cute, and if they don’t get the joke, once you explain it to them they will laugh right along with you.

For those who don’t approve, well too bad. You can’t please everybody and why should you even try? It’s your dog after all. As long as you and your family are happy with your new best friend’s funny dog name that’s all that matters.


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