Cute Male Dog Names

Cute male dog names improve the bond between you and your dog

At times it can be tough to pick the best cute male dog names for your pooch. At the same time, the task can be fun. You can decide to name your dog after cookie, which is clever and cute, for example, a sandy blond dog can be nicknamed Snicker Doodle or a black and white pooch can be called Oreo. You can also consider naming it after candy, for example, if your dog has colorful personality you can call it Skittles.

Cute Male Dog names

Using flowers when deciding on a cute dog name

Some of the flowers include Sunflower for a cuddly dog and Petunia for an energetic dog. The perfect name can be inspired by so many things in life that we see, love or happen in our daily life. Remember, the name you pick for your dog will stick with him for the rest of their life. A perfect name that suits the cuteness and personality of your dog assists to increase the bond between you and your pooch for many years to come. Take time and conduct research to see how other pet lovers call their dogs to choose the cute male dog names.

Modern naming conventions

Nowadays, cute male dog names are based on time reflections and human being’s lifestyle. In the past, pet naming was inspired by personal attributes that a dog or puppy possesses. Most popular neighbor hood names were Rover and Spot. The trend has completely changed; people give their dogs human names. In the public parks, 90% of the dogs are named after celebrities, leaders or heroes. The trend may be inspired by how most people view their cute male dog as a member of the family, friend or “human pack”.

Young professionals use serious names for their dogs, which are inspired by their business associates or workmates in the office. Name such as Harry, Apple, Zack, and many more. Research shows male dog owners choose names that have strong macho-sounding like Gangster or Lion, which echo masculinity and brute.

However, there are those few people who do not follow the flow and tend to be different. They come up with ridiculous pet names such as Poopoo or Boobsies. The names are embarrassing, especially when calling out the name loud in a public park (maybe the dogs are embarrassed too to respond to the name?).

A Family affair

Children can also contribute greatly in naming dogs. Disney channels play a big role in helping the kids pick a cute male dog names such as Simba from Lion King or Ariel from Little Mermaid. Children’s television programs have influenced their perfect name choices positively. It is advisable to include your kids when choosing your pet’s name because their ideas may be the best!

Naming your dog shows your creativity. There are also collections of resources to guide you pick out the perfect name. Today, we have several blogs and websites with suggestions to help you find a name that suits your dog based on personality, color, breed and country of origin. Whether you choose from a list of the best names or pick out your dog name, the name you give your pet will reflect how you feel towards your dog and the kind of a person you are. Love it or not, most people will relate your pet’s nickname to you. Put in some thought and take your time when making the final decision.

Getting a name for your pooch can be taken as a spur of a moment resolution, although for some it can turn to be a very long process of selection, research and brainstorming until you get the perfect name that suits your dog. When choosing cute male dog names perhaps try for a name that is unique and reflects your dog’s appearance, country of origin, emotions, size, color of coat and personality. Make your dog proud of its name when you call him or her in a public park. The cute male dog name will make you comfortable when filling the vet or insurance forms anywhere in the world

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