Cool names for a boy puppy

Yes, you’ve guessed it here we’re talking about cool names for a boy puppy. Becoming the proud owner of a new bundle of joy is such a special time, and you will treasure every minute of it. You’ve just welcomed a little friend into your life that you’re going to love forever, and this love will be returned back to you too.

Ok so, you’ve puppy proofed the house, and the garden, and absolutely everywhere. You’ve got the pee pads and obviously the food, but, wait a minute, have you chosen a name for your little man yet? No, well then, thankfully you’ve come to the right place.

Here we have carefully chosen some of the very best cool names for a boy puppy, after all your new little pal isn’t going to want any old name, he wants a cool dude name, to stand out from the crowd, to show off and be proud of. So let us help you find your little man’s new name. Come on, let’s take a closer look and try to find you a name for your beloved new canine, who’s super cool.

Cool names for a boy puppy

Cool names for a boy puppy

Right then, hopefully, here in this list, is a name that will jump out at you, a name that you will automatically know is perfect, we do hope so.


Do you remember Gizmo from the Gremlins movie, just so, so cool and just had to be on top of the cool names for a boy puppy list.


Samson means name of the Lord. Has your little pal got a big personality? Maybe Samson is the one for you.


Always a favourite with dog owners and luckily is super cool too. Have you got your own little Cody at home?


Sam means Heard by God and most Sam’s are happy and carefree dogs, just the job for a cool dude pup.


Such a cracking name for the cool pup in your life and just had to be on the list of cool names for a boy puppy.


Casey means brave and watchful, which all cool dudes are. Does your little pup watch over and guard you?


Come on what little cool dude wouldn’t want to be called Zeus which means, Father of the Gods. Have you got your own little Zeus at home?


Well it goes without saying doesn’t it and this just HAD to be on the list of cool names for a boy puppy.


Surely your cool dude would just love to be called Rocky, what little boy wouldn’t. Perfect if you have your own little Rocky.


This is such a great name for a cool dude, and rightly so, absolutely brilliant.


Is your little pup your leader, if so, AJ could be the name you’re looking for.


Is your little pal strong and mighty? This is such a cool name for the cool dude in your life. This just had to be on the list of cool names for a boy puppy.


Now come on, what super cool pup wouldn’t want to be called Angus?


Did your cool dude come into your life at Christmas time? This name would be absolutely perfect, especially if he happens to be white in colour.


Does your cool pooch cause a little trouble? Then Fritz could be the one you’re looking for.


Is your cool dude pup loving and strong? If so Klaus could be just the job.


Is your little friend your defender? If so Alex would be ideal!


Does your little one break all the house rules, or any rules for that matter? Then Rebel could be spot on.


Does your little pal love nothing more than hunting you down around the house? Could Hunter be for you?


This is such an awesome name for the little man in your life that thinks he’s dynamite.


This name has been loved by dog owners forever and just had to make the list of cool names for a boy puppy.


Anyone remember Scooby and Scrappy Doo? Just so cool and would be perfect for your own cool dude.


Does your little boy act or looks like Yogi Bear? Yogi is such a cool name for the little dog in your life.


This just had to make the list of cool names for a boy puppy. Did yours blaze into your life?


Always a favourite and with good reason, is your little man a bit of a boxer?


Absolutely spot on for a pup who’s super cool.


Well obviously, it goes without saying!


Cola anyone! This has always been such a great name for a boy puppy.


Is your little man a hero? Could Achilles be for you?


Is your little boy like Luke Skywalker, come on what little boy wouldn’t want to be known as Luke?


The perfect choice for the boy in your life that’s bold and noble, just ideal for a cool little dog.


Did your cool boy bolt into your life? Of course he did, and you love it!


This is such a cool name especially if your little man is smokey in colour, this could be perfect.


Anyone remember the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe? Of course you do, and Aslan is just the job for the coolest pup in town.


Final thoughts

Finding the perfect name for the coolest dude in the neighbourhood is hard work, you really want to get it right you don’t want to let your little hero down. Don’t worry, you won’t. Yes, it will be a hard decision to make, but you’ll discover the perfect one, and hopefully, one on our list has caught your eye.

We hope our cool names for a boy puppy list has been of great use to you and that you have found the name for your coolest dude.

























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