Choosing the Right Dog Name for Your Pet

Next to picking the dog itself, the breed, its personality, age and history, selecting the right dog name for your new furry buddy is the most important decision a new dog owner will make and it’s not as easy as you may think. Naming your dog is a fun and exciting experience that the whole family can participate in, even the kids. While that part is true, it is also a serious matter that requires some thought. Keep in mind that you are going to be saying and hearing this name hopefully for a decade or longer as your dog romps through life, and you had better be darn sure you like it.

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 Keep Your Choice of Dog Name Positive

Upon meeting your dog what is the first thing that people are likely to ask? His name of course! The reaction people have to your dog, whether favorable or negative, and how your dog reacts to other people will be determined by the dog name that you select for him. Naturally you want people to like your dog, so give him a name that shines a positive light on him.

Steer clear of names like (“Killer, Brute, etc.”), as they can place your dog at an instant disadvantage. Whether they are aware of doing so or not people instinctively react to negative names in a negative manner and you could very well harm your dog’s reputation without meaning too. So use common sense and save your sense of the ridiculous for another time and situation.

Let Your Dog Help Choose His Name

One of the best tips for naming your dog is to do exactly what it says above. Take a few days to become familiar with your dog’s personality instead of rushing to name him the day you get him. If he has a strong personality he could “choose” his own name just by his behavior.

Keep It Simple

If possible, go with a short name that is only one or two syllables.

It’s also best to stay away from names that sound like commands, and by all means avoid any name that sounds like you are scolding him. For example, “Beau” can be confused with “No!”.

Don’t Make a Fool of Your Dog

If you want to give your pet a dog name strictly for the sake of getting laughs, just remember that your dog will have to live with this moniker for his entire life. So avoid naming your Great Dane “Tiny”, or your tea cup poodle “Hugo”.

Your dog might not be able to understand the meaning of his name, but dogs are highly intelligent, and he will be able to pick up on it when people are mocking him. Do you honestly want to condemn your dog to a lifetime of being laughed at and made the butt of jokes? If you want a happy, well-adjusted dog, then give him a name that has some dignity and pride in it. Here is a list of Funny Dog Names that maintain dignity.

Avoid Trends

If a certain dog name sounds perfect right now, but may end up sounding dated in a few years or sooner, then most likely you should not give it to your dog. You want to give your dog a name that he can fit comfortably his entire life.

Also keep in mind that you needn’t just call your dog by one name all of the time. Just like people do pets can have nicknames. So you can use one or two of your collection of special names for him every day. And don’t believe it should someone tell you that dogs can only remember one name and won’t respond to more. That individual has probably never owned a dog of their own, or never tried to find out if they can understand more than one name. Once your dog gets used to his nicknames he’ll come to you no matter what you call him.

Last but not least, when choosing a dog name if there is one that gives you a special feeling about your dog, one that comes right from your heart, go ahead and give it to him. There is no name more endearing than one that comes from the heart, so open your heart to your dog and see what kind of dog name comes out.

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