Choosing boy puppy names

Choosing the best boy puppy name can make your puppy more popular and crate a stronger bond with people. A great name will make your boy puppy love it as much as you do. The best way to create cute boy puppy names is by matching a name to his personality, size, habits and breed. It is advisable to get the best fit puppy name because at times the puppy’s name reveals a lot about your insights, sense of humor or personality.

Owning a puppy is a lifetime commitment and choosing the best puppy name that echo’s the strong bond of companionship that unite both of you.

boy puppy names

Things to consider when choosing boy puppy names

In order to get the best fit cute boy puppy name, you need to take into consideration various items. Below are some guidelines you can follow:

  • Choose a name with not more than two syllables. One or two syllables are easier for your puppy to hear and understand even where far away from you.
  • Pick a name that won’t embarrass you in public. It will be uncomfortable if you called your puppy stinky in public.
  • Your puppy’s name should not sound similar to common commands. For example, “Bo” may sound similar to “no” and “Ray” can be mistaken for “stay”. Such names may cause confusion for your boy puppy and can be difficult during his training.
  • Male puppy names should have hard consonants, including t, d, or k, which are simple to pay attention to.

Inspiration sources for your boy puppy names

Puppy’s color and type of coat

For example, a white poodle puppy can be named Polar while a black Labrador can be given the name Midnight.

Television and movies

You can pick the best names from your favorite television and movies such as Lex or Shiloh. You also use popular celebrity names with high profiles.

Country of origin

The country of origin also plays a big role in picking your cute boy puppy names such as old English sheepdogs, which originated from England, can be called Becker while Johann can be a cute puppy name for German shepherds, which originated from Germany.

Literature and arts

One of the Stephen King’s books has dog name called Cujo, which is a popular boy puppy name. Other cute puppy names inspired by art and literature include Orion and Zeus. This a good way of picking a name for your puppy, which is not used by many dog owners.


You can pick a name from royal family, status or blood. These are loved and well-known royals such as Prince Charles, Henry, Arthur and many more.

The Puppy’s purpose

What is the purpose of the dog? If the puppy is meant for hunting you can name it Algon (name origin from mythical hunter) while Buster can be a great name for a drug-sniffing dog.

Use of cute puppy names from other countries

United States of America was known for naming their puppies and the trend spread to other areas. Some of the best puppy names from Australia include Oscar or Zack: Italy include Claudio; Spain popular names include Fidel or Bruno; United Kingdom has Pip or Piper and France cute and popular names include Napoleon.

To get the best name you should have a list of male puppy names that will assist you through the process of picking the cute puppy name. When you pick the puppy’s name, have in mind that it will be impossible trying to change the puppy’s name after a while and the puppy is used to the name. This causes confusion to the young puppy.

These guidelines will hopefully help in picking a boy puppy name and make it an enjoyable and easy process.


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