Cool names for a boy puppy

Yes, you’ve guessed it here we’re talking about cool names for a boy puppy. Becoming the proud owner of a new bundle of joy is such a special time, and you will treasure every minute of it. You’ve just welcomed a little friend into your life that you’re going to love forever, and this love will be returned back to you too. Ok so, you’ve puppy proofed the house, and the garden, and absolutely everywhere. You’ve got the pee pads … Continue reading

Funny Dog Names For That Pup

So you brought your new puppy home and now you discover that the name you planned on giving him all along doesn’t really fit because he has a personality all his own — in fact it seems like he’s a born entertainer, and you find yourself having to come up with a funny dog name that sums up his personality. Sure, you realize that your new pup won’t be able to comprehend the real meaning of his name, or be … Continue reading