4 Ways to Choose Unique Puppy Names

Puppies are one of the most adorable things on the face of this earth. They’re tiny with big eyes, endless enthusiasm, and so much love you think they may burst at the seams with it. So if you have a special little puppy, then naturally you’re going to want to give it a special and unique puppy name.

 And I can help.

A quick aside: this article focuses mostly on unique male puppy names. It’s easier to pick one gender, and male had fewer syllables. But we’ll get to the cute female dog names eventually.

Unique Puppy Names

Anyway, there are a lot of good ways to go about choosing puppy name, but I’m going to give you the Secret Top Four. Ready?

 Obscure References

There are plenty of names out there just waiting to be chosen. They’ve been been created, but nobody has thought to turn them into unique puppy names. They don’t even have to be a dog! For instance — do you remember the movie The Cat Returns? Most people do not, so if you said yes, then congrats — you are one of the chosen few.

Just to take the names of three characters from the movie, we’ve got “Muta,” “Toto,” and “Lune.” All very nice names. Take your pick! You can also use obscure authors, unknown singers, and so on. And because so few others have hear of them, they’re likely to be totally unique.


Less Obscure References

This doesn’t always work as well, granted, because more people have heard of them, but take a well-known name and use it as your unique puppy name. The only trick is, you have to pick something no one would name their dog.

Example: naming your puppy “Luke Skywalker” would not be unique. I’m guessing plenty of others have had that same though, and acted on it. But what if you named your puppy “Death Star”? It’s not something most people do, not because the Death Star is a moon-sized metal hunk of destruction, but because it’s a machine/location.

Or, to put it simply — how many dogs do you know named Beijing?male dog names

Build Your Own Unique Puppy Name

This is basically the IKEA way of doing things. Set down with a friend, write down syllables, and starting testing how they go together. You’re either gonna love this one or you’re gonna hate it. There’s not a lot of middle ground here. Personally, I’m a proponent, as this name can result in lovely names “Washu,” a flowing, calming sound, and “Chitinga,” which sounds a bit more adventurous and dynamic (don’t judge me).

And those are some seriously unique male puppy names.

Should you use this method? It’s your decision. You’ve probably already made it, so I’ll stop trying to convince you.

 Take Your Unique Puppy Name From Another Language

This one is by far my favorite. First, pick a language you like the sound of — generally, this should be a language you know, but if you know you like German sounds, say, then Google Translate has your back for the meaning.

Next try to think of some adjectives or nouns that fit with your dog. This part allows you to have some real bonding time — both mental and physical — with your new best friend. Explore a bit what sort of name your dog is, and figure out what sort of words express that sort of thing for you.

Now comes the really hard part: making the final decision. It can be good to have a friend around for this part, just because what the possible name means and what it sounds like can get mixed up in your head. But then you’re done!

This is my favorite way to come up with a unique puppy name, but I’m something of a language nut, so there you go.

Mission accomplished! The Top 4 ways to choose a unique male puppy name. Choose one of these ways and you can’t go wrong. And that will make a difference for the rest of your pup’s life. So come on! Tell us what unique puppy names you chose!

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