25 Most Popular Male Dog Names

Well as the title suggests we’re talking about the 25 most popular male dog names, so if you have just become the lucky owner of a boy puppy or maybe you have rescued an adult boy, then you’re going to have to find a name for him.

Boy dogs need cool names, and you have to make it a good one, as it will be theirs for life. Just be careful, after all, you’re the one going to have to shout out the name at your local park, you really don’t want funny looks when calling your dog. This is the tricky part there are just so many of them, probably thousands upon thousands and who knows maybe even more.

So, how do you choose that cool name for your new boy? Well you’ve landed on the right place. We’ve found the 25 most popular male dog names, and we are absolutely delighted to be sharing them with you.

Right then, are you ready to discover the 25 most popular male dog names? Of course you are, so let’s take a look.

Most Popular Male Dog Names

25 most popular male dog names                                      

Hopefully your best friend’s new name will be amongst these, fingers crossed!

  1. Max

Well of course Max had to make the list, the majority of dogs named Max are so trusting and loyal to their owners, if you’re looking for a fun loving, happy dog, who’s loyal and trusting, surely Max is the one?

  1. Charlie

Always been such a popular choice of name for a boy dog. This name is perfect for your little man and the meaning of this name is Man, so if you need a name for the little man in your life, it has to be Charlie doesn’t it?

  1. Bailey

Bailey has always been loved by dog owners as the ideal name choice and it just had to make the list of the 25 most popular male dog names. The meaning of Bailey is trusted guardian, and who wouldn’t want that?

  1. Jake

Have you got a little Jake in your life, most Jakes love fun and are so happy, the meaning of Jake is, He grasps the heel. Supplanter.

  1. Buddy

We love Buddy’s who wouldn’t want their own little Buddy? The meaning of Buddy in America is Friend. Come on, it has to be Buddy doesn’t it?

  1. Jack

Everyone needs a Jack in their lives. Jacks are fun loving dogs who live life to the full. The meaning of Jack is Man. Could this be the name for your little man?

  1. Copper

Is your best friend copper brown in colour, Copper is such a great name for a boy dog and has always been loved by owners.

  1. Oliver

Oliver is such a good choice of name for your little boy and you can shorten it to Ollie too, just so cool. The meaning of Oliver is symbol of peace. It has to be Oliver doesn’t it?

  1. Tucker

Does your little man love his tucker, if so surely Tucker has to be the one?

  1. Riley

Always a favourite and had to make the list of the 25 most popular male dog names.

  1. Rocky

Does your dog act a bit like Rocky? If so Rocky is an absolutely perfect choice for your little man.

  1. Bear

Is your little pal like a cuddly bear, soft and warm? Then it just has to be Bear!

  1. Buster

Forever popular this name and with good reason, it is just perfect for the little dog in your life. Buster means Joy, and that’s just what our dogs bring, absolute Joy.

  1. Toby

Such a sweet name for the sweet little boy in your life, Toby’s are known to be cool and are so friendly and energetic. The meaning of Toby is God is good.

  1. Duke

Well this had to make the list of the 25 most popular male dog names didn’t it? Always been such an awesome name and could be perfect for the little royal in your life. The meaning of Duke is Leader of the Herd. Is your little man your leader?

  1. Harley

Harley means wild spirited, have you got a wild spirit at home? If so, it has to be Harley.

  1. Murphy

The meaning of Murphy is sea warrior, have you got your own little warrior at home? Could Murphy be the one?

  1. Shadow

Shadow is such a gorgeous name for the little boy in your life. Does yours follow you everywhere like your shadow? If so this has to in with a chance, and just had to make our list of the 25 most popular male dog names.

  1. Sammy

The meaning of Sammy is Heard by God and is such a special name, this would be ideal for the little man in your life.

  1. Rusty

If your best friend is red or red brown in colour then surely Rusty has to be in with a shout, such a cool name, for the cool dude in your life.

  1. Zeus

The meaning of Zeus is Father of the Gods. Most Zeus’s are quite regal in their personalities. Does your best friend have a regal streak in him? This could be for you.

  1. Oscar

This name just had to make the list of the 25 most popular male dog names, it really is so, so good for a little boy. Oscar means divine Spear/ a fighter for God. Have you got a little fighter at home?

  1. Lucky

Some dogs called Lucky have had a rough time of it before finally belonging to someone who truly loves them. Has your dog been lucky to have found you?

  1. Winston

Winston has always been a favourite among dog owners and most Winston’s are loyal and friendly dogs. Have you got your own little Winston at home?

  1. Teddy

The name Teddy means Gift from God, is your little boy a gift that you’ll treasure forever? Of course he is. Teddy could be the one! This had to be on the list of the 25 most popular male dog names.

Final thoughts

Hopefully you have found your little man a name by scrolling through this list, each of these names are so special in their own right, and although we shortened it to just 25, it is still such a hard decision to make. You’ll make the right choice, nobody knows your little boy better than you. You will find the right one, but hopefully, you already have, by looking at our top 25 most popular male dog names.

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